The land of Seshar is an extension of Matheunis, the Cold Desert, but two factors set it apart.

First, it was originally a separate kingdom ruled from what had been its capital, Nebalich. The ruling family could not sustain its holdings, however, and the kingdom collapsed more than 250 years ago. Second, Seshar’s length and breadth are marked by a series of canals, which date back to the prior worlds and are arranged in a mysterious, almost mazelike pattern. The canals are all deep and regular, with smooth, 50-foot (15 m) escarpments on either side, often showing baroque embellishments and even graven images. The people of Seshar simply call them canals or rivers and regard them as if they were natural.


The canals are vital to Seshar’s well-being. Small barges and ships allow trade between the villages of the region. These villages are built on the high embankments of ancient design, or they nestle in clefts cut into the side of the embankments. As you move away from the canals, the land becomes arid and lifeless other than scorpions, insects, and the occasional desert bloom. Margr, however, are a real scourge in the area, and raiding marauders pose a serious threat. Thankfully, they rarely come too close to the canals.



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