The Beyond

The Beyond is a very Steadfast-centric term, used essentially to describe any area of the world that isn’t part of the nine kingdoms. As the scope of the world known and understood by even the most learned scholars in the Steadfast is limited, however, what the Beyond technically includes are the lands south of the Caecilian Jungle, west of the Clock of Kala, and north of the Southern Wall.

The people of the Beyond are even more disparate and isolated from one another than the folk of the Steadfast are. Although these lands are full of would be rulers, most communities are truly independent. Many have little contact with the world outside their own limited bounds, and some have none at all. The scattered villages of the Beyond are called aldeia, and most are centered on a clave of Aeon Priests.

Due to the perils of the Ninth World, many aldeia don’t welcome strangers. Some of these villages are dangerous in and of themselves, as the inhabitants have taken up cannibalism, human sacrifice, or similar practices.


The Beyond

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