The Steadfast

The Steadfast comprises nine different countries. Collectively, the rulers are often called the Nine Rival Kings, or just the Nine. These kings, queens, princes, and councils share no love for one another and truthfully have no relationship except that each rules over a land whose people owe faith and favor to the Amber Papacy.

Generally speaking, the Steadfast is more settled and civilized than the Beyond, but it can be just as dangerous. Communities are isolated. Travel on the roads is risky and nearly unthinkable at night— but at least the roads exist.

The Steadfast includes all the land from the sea to the Black Riage, south of the Tithe River and north of the Sadara. The nine kingdoms of the Steadfast are Navarene, Ghan, Draolis, haemor,
Malevich, Iscobal, Ancuan, Milave, and the Pytharon Empire.


The Steadfast

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